What are the benefits and downsides of using instagram private profiles?

Now, let us show you complete list of all the positives and negatives we have found so far about being private. So, first of all, we already mentioned about possibility to control your viewers. It is very huge difference comparing to public profiles. You know why? Anyone who wants to see your pictures has to be acknowledged by you. It means that you are going to get rid of everyone who claims to be interested in your instagram private photos but truthfully isn’t. This issue seemed to be one of the biggest ones, so making your stuff hidden is great thing. Except that, another reason worth noting is restricted access to web. You know what that means? Imagine the situation where you don’t have an Instagram account and you want to access Instagram on your computer. Well, private profiles operate in very specific way. If you take a picture on your mobile device, you automatically block your content from being used on the Internet. It is IMPOSSIBLE for your pics to be uploaded on the Internet and use without your consent. insta private This is a great protection feature that turns on the moment you set your profile as private.

These virtues are irreplaceable and everyone who wishes for some privacy will surely enjoy them. However, there are some flaws of using this mode. And these flaws are quite heavy to process. We of course are going to present you all of them to show you that not everything is paint in bright. Did you know that even if you want to have private collection of followers, there are still some people who might not follow you even if yours topics are the same? Yeah, it’s because you block newcomers from coming and that’s a fact. You will never witness a high jump on your followers count because they will never appear on your fan page. It’s normal, especially if you lock the content from them. All these people who might find your pictures interesting, all this additional hype will go away because you decided to hide yourself from them. It’s quite annoying, isn’t it? Hiding is a great thing but not for the popularity-seeking persons. Because then a lot of people will never see private instagram photos. When you enter your hashtag in the search engine, your content will never pops up and everyone who thinks your videos and your gifs as well as mems are interesting, will simply escape. Another reason why privatization is bad is because you cannot dialogue with your fans. There are a lot of pictures where you just want to boast something and see how many people will envy you. But it will never happen if you have your content locked. What is the point of sharing something if you cannot talk with others about that thing? It’s better to keep it for yourself if you are no interested with any comments!

So, as you can see there are some serious drawbacks of going private. If you are looking for new friends or your Instagram account is all about popularity? Think twice before going private. It is very unlikely for you to becoming more popular because as you read, you are going to camouflage everything you add from strangers. We recommend checking this before you set this option.

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