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Puzzles – Puzzles refine visual discrimination skills as they have to turn pieces to make them fit. Then, have 1 player, the “caller”, randomly choose from the game pieces which have letters and numbers that correspond with the scorecards and call out their selection. Alright, so your mother-in-law, a PhD in English Literature, has challenged you, a lowly salesclerk at the local bookstore, to a “friendly” game of Scrabble. Between visits to your local bingo hall, you can take a break online and get fun and excitement without spending any money at all. Then decorate with baby pictures and such, then take it to your local copy store, like Kinkos, and have them print the page on pastel colored paper. The last and my most favorite one, the pencil and paper game. Pencil and paper based baby shower game ideas are always a great addition to any Shower because they require the least materials and usually the shortest prep time.

You can create a baby shower bingo game card with answers in each square – which means your guests will want to pay attention because there’s going to be a quiz! Some other common endings you want to watch for are -ed, -er, -ier, -iest, and -ies. The words “aid” and “at” are particularly helpful for those looking to dump a Q, and this goes for your opponent too! Whether you are a novice to the game, or looking to increase your skill in order to compete in clubs or tournaments, a little practice with these techniques will bring instant results! This skill is absolutely essential when the board is “closed,” (meaning that there are no wide open spaces to build new words in), as well as at the end of the game, when you must empty out your rack. Start by sorting your rack according to common word endings and save these letter combinations.

The difference between an average and an advanced Scrabble player has to do with the number of options a player can find in a given rack. For a child who can sound out words, sort them by ending sounds or chunks. If two children win the same prize at the same time, we draw straws or ‘guess which number I’m thinking’ or play ‘rock paper scissors’ to see who wins the prize and who keeps playing for the next prize. Have a small prize for the first person who has both sides filled out correctly. Follow up reading aloud with independent or small group activities in the classroom. And how about having activities with no winners? Take care not to lay down either word if you suspect your opponent of having the Q on his/her rack, particularly at the end of the game! Laying down your first BINGO is almost a rite of passage in the Scrabble world.

Bingo Blitz combines a gorgeous design, a vibrant player community, and gameplay as smooth as silk. The first player to correctly cross off a horizontal line wins the first prize. There are also jackpots that build over time and it is won if a player wins a game in a specific period. When the progressive prize is not won within the designated number of calls, the progressive prize shall be carried over to the next bingo event. For example, have you ever wondered what to do with over 100 guests at a baby shower? In addition, you may opt for one word over another because it is harder for your opponent to build on. Weigh up your score against what your opponent may likely get. The other side of this equation is that you must be careful not to make these hot spots available for your opponent! Foreign language bingo – The bingo cards are printed with words in the language being taught (French, German, Spanish, etc.), the teacher reads out a word in English, and students must find the matching word. 3. Geography and Science: Both these subjects involve many facts and details that must be learned. If you’re good at creating scrapbook items, why not make some cute items for the parents-to-be to take home as reminders of this wonderful day?